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Veronda Osborne

May 3, 2024

Over her last 12 years at the Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS) as the Business Manager, Veronda Osborne has had a role in every aspect of the organization. With responsibilities including fiscal administration, human resources, purchasing, shipping and receiving, Veronda is one of the Driving Forces behind GCAPS’ success and has a positive impact on every business operation.

GCAPS is an affiliated company of Virginia Tech that is revolutionizing the automotive industry and providing advanced tire research, vehicle simulation, and mathematical modeling for virtual vehicle technology development. However, Veronda is proudest of their commitment to internships and apprenticeships “that have provided stepping-stones for so many individuals and helped to further their professional careers.”

Veronda is one of the first people that new employees, students, interns, or apprentices meet upon their arrival at the GCAPS facility, located at the Virginia International Raceway complex in Danville, Virginia. She supports their onboarding process, safety training, and any necessary paperwork to ensure they are ready to start their role and leave a lasting impression on transportation research.

Veronda Osborne with GCAPS coworkers

Veronda with fellow GCAPS employees at a holiday party in December 2021.

“Veronda is the type of person that really puts her heart and soul into serving others. She is relentless in her commitment to move things forward,” said Frank Della Pia, executive director of GCAPS.

One of her greatest accomplishments came with the completion of her bachelor’s degree. She noted that “at the age of 50, I went back to the local community college and got my degree in accounting. After that, I went on to get my bachelor’s degree, and I am very proud of it because I always wanted to get my college degree.” She graduated from Averett University with her bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Outside of the office, Veronda loves to spend time with her husband of 47 and a half years, two sons, and four grandchildren, all of whom still reside in the Danville area where Veronda has lived for her whole life. Additionally, she is contemplating retirement after working for over 50 years and is excited about the idea of getting to spend even more time with her family.

Veronda noted that she “is like the mama around [GCAPS] to everybody,” while consistently supporting every facet of the organization.  She has been, and continues to be, an instrumental Driving Force behind the success of GCAPS.