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April 15, 2014

NSTSCE’s second quarterly newsletter puts the spotlight on commercial drivers and gives an inside look at a health and wellness program.

Our second issue of Transportation Research Today presents several completed and ongoing studies. We review a case study performed by Dr. Erin Mabry that reveals the importance of improving commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver health and wellness. CMV drivers are key contributors of our economy. Without them we would not be able to have an efficient way of moving goods and services across our nation. We need to ensure that they receive encouragement and guidance to move towards a healthier lifestyle as part of this important career. We applaud the effort Schneider National, Inc. has put in their program and for allowing Dr. Mabry to document the drivers’ experiences. An effort of the magnitude described in this study might not be feasible for all fleets. Therefore, NSTSCE has invested into putting a website together that will help fleets and drivers obtain training modules to assist with this and multiple other topics that will impact CMV driving safety. You will find more information about our new CMV Driving Safety website in this issue.

This issue also includes an article on infotainment systems and distraction as well as two sneak peeks into future articles under our Ongoing Studies section. These two projects will reveal how coaching teen drivers and the impact of quiet vehicles on pedestrians and bicyclists can influence the safety of vulnerable road users.

Myra Blanco

Outreach Coordinator, NSTSCE