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Emergency Ambulance At Busy Red Light Intersection

In the future, vehicles equipped with automated driving systems (ADS) that drive us instead of us driving them will become a reality. These vehicles will integrate onto roadways and may change operational interactions with other vehicles in certain scenarios. Public safety officials, such as law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency medical personnel routinely interact An Examination of Emergency Response Scenarios for Automated Driving Systems

Vicki Williams

Senior research associate Vicki Williams has been a Driving Force at VTTI since 2001. Her experience includes on-road experimentation, study design, data analysis, research & design support for data analytics projects, and the development of the first video reduction dictionary which was created for the 100-Car study. In her current role within the Division of Driving Forces: Vicki Williams

Mario Jones

Meet Mario Jones, VTTI’s latest Driving Force! Mario has been with VTTI since 2013. In his first role as a mechanical design engineer, he worked on the design of data acquisition systems such as MicroDAS and FlexDAS. These systems allow for the capture, recording, and storage of data obtained from onboard cameras and sensors for Driving Forces: Mario Jones

Christine Link-Owens

Much of VTTI’s research centers around studies that depend upon human participants. Whenever that is the case, Christine Link-Owens is the Driving Force who makes sure that the volunteers needed are recruited, scheduled, and show up for the research study. Christine and her team excel at recruiting people with all types of backgrounds so each Driving Forces: Christine Link-Owens